Social Services

Queens Law Associates employs in-house social workers who offer our clients a wide range of services. The goal of these social workers is to help resolve the criminal cases of our clients in a productive way. These experts conduct a needs assessment to determine what sort of service is required for every individual we represent, and produce a psycho-social report to the attorney. Services include:
Alternatives to incarceration: Referrals to outpatient and residential treatment programs are made in lieu of jail time.
Rehabilitation referrals: Anger Management, Substance Abuse, DWI, Batterer’s intervention, Parenting Skills, Youth GED programs, and Homeless Shelters.
Pre-pleading and pre-sentencing memoranda: These reports are submitted to the court with recommendations that the case be resolved without a jail sentence.
Continued Monitoring: Social workers also act as liaisons between the Department of Corrections Mental Health Programs and QLA clients, addressing the continuing mental health needs of QLA clients.